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Sewer camera Inspector® 48 (Ø75-400mm)

The robust sewer camera Inspector® 48 is ideal for inspections in pipelines, sewers and other pipes with a diameter of Ø75-400 mm.

The Inspector® 48 sewer camera has clear image because of the modern LEDs in the camera head. The design of the camera head and spring are so streamlined that passage through pipes with the sewer camera Inspector® 48 is easy.


The camera head of the sewer camera Inspector® 48 includes a self-levelling function (also called horizon correction), which means that the image always remains 'upright' during an inspection in a pipeline. This way, you always know what the bottom and top of the pipe is and whether the sewer camera turns left or right after passing a bend.

The light intensity of the camera head is adjustable, so that you can illuminate a pipe completely. This inspection camera is also available with a 512hz transmitter. This allows you to use a tracer (or locator) to locate the camera head, pipe, blockage or damage. The camera head, including the spring, is easily removable from the combi cable.


Guides ensure that the camera head will be higher up in the pipe. These guides are simply placed on the camera head. There are three guides available for the Inspector® 48 inspection camera, namely the 70mm (applicable from 100 mm tubes), the 142mm (applicable from 160 mm tubes), 170mm (applicable from 200 mm tubes) and the adjustable 200 to 330mm variant (applicable from 250 mm tubes).


The Inspector® 48 sewer camera is available in two different versions, namely the Junior and Modular versions.


Does your inspection work mainly consist of the same type of pipes and is the inspection camera mainly used for reconnaissance work? Then the Inspector® 48 inspection camera is the best choice for you. It allows you to take photos and film recordings of your sewer inspection easily and quickly.


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