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Sewer Camera Inspector® ZRK70

The Inspector® ZRK70 is a multifunctional inspection sewer camera; endlessly rotatable and swerveable. The ZRK70 is thus ultimately suitable for the inspection of inlets and walls of drains and pipelines. The working range is from 110 mm to at least 500 mm!

Operation and functionality sewer camera ZRK70

Through its carefully chosen and tested shape, the ZRK70 sewercamera is simple to feed into and through a pipeline. The self-levelling function ensures that the image always remains ‘upright’. The head can rotate endlessly and swivel through 230 degrees, so that a pipeline can be fully inspected.

The ‘socket test’ directs the camera perpendicular to the wall so that the pipe connections can be checked simply. By adjusting the focus exactly you get the images pin-sharp. Above ground, the camera head may be traced using the built-in 512 Hz transmitter. Two guides are available for larger pipes.

Using a special tool, it is possible to ‘steer’ the camera head into a side branch. The ZRK70 may also be used vertically or on a motorised trolley.


The Inspector® Steering Unit is an accessory which increases the funtionality of your inspection camera dramatically. Your Inspector® ZRK70 or special Inspector® 48 can now be 'steered'. By using the remote control (which comes standard with the ZRK70) you are able to rotate and bend this tool.

More about the Steering Unit


The Inspector® ZRK70 is part of a modular system. A few details are explained below. In case you prefer more information please, see PDF which can be downloaded.


In case you choose the Inspector ZRK70, you choose a platform on which all Inspector cameras can be connected to the Easybox. The advantage is that all cameras, each with its own working area, can be connected to the same Easybox.

Guide 100 mm

Applicable in pipes with a diameter from 160 mm and up

Guide 170 mm

Applicable in pipes with a diameter from 200 mm and up

Guide 145 mm

Applicable in pipes with diameter from 200mm and up

Inspector ZRK70 (Steering Unit)

Navigate your ZRK70 camera (upstream) into a side branch.

Inspector ZRK70 (Steering Unit)

Steering Unit for ZRK70

Inspector ZRK70 (Steering Unit)

Extension piece for front of Steering Unit (approx. 10cm)

Inspector ZRK70 (special 48mm head)

Special Inspector 48 head for your ZRK70 systeem (incl. protection cap).

Inspector ZRK70 (special 48mm head)

Increase the functionality of the Steering Unit with the special 48 camera head.

Inspector ZRK70 (special 48mm head)

Side view of the Steering Unit with special 48 head.

Power inverter (12V - 230V / 24V - 230V)

Converter from 12V to 230V or from 24V to 230V

USB video grabber

SD to USB adapter

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