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Mini sewer camera MiniFlex® (ø32-100mm)

MiniFlex® sewer camera is a flexible sewer camera specially developed for inspecting pipes, tubes and other small pipes with diameter of 32-100 mm.

The MiniFlex sewer camera for small pipes is often used in sanitary areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. Also called plumbing work. But in practice the MiniFlex is also suitable for inspections in ventilation shafts, swimming pools and other inspection work. The MiniFlex is widely used in the small pipe range. The MiniFlex sewer camera can make several right-angled bends in a small pipe diameter with great ease. This makes it a real explorer in small pipes.

The MiniFlex® sewer camera is also called the 'Handyman' for every sewer, reliner, work plunger or plumber.

Why do inspection systems in narrower pipes often have difficulty with several right-angled bends?

  1. Because of the narrow pipe diameter and the often many shorter right-angled bends of the pipeline
  2. The position in which the sewer camera head must manoeuvre with the cable in order to be able to carry out an inspection


The MiniFlex sewer camera makes these multiple right-angled bends in the small pipe with ease. The MiniFlex® sewer inspection camera is equipped with a unique internationally patented flexible piece (made of PUR) between the sewer camera head and the push cable. Together with the innovative bulled-shaped sewer camera head, this ensures easy throughput.

"Testing with plumbers has proven that multiple right-angled and short bends in pipes of Ø32-100mm can be done with the MiniFlex® with ease."

The design of the sewer camera head keeps the illumination ring above the ground, thus reducing reflection. In combination with the special 105⁰ lens, the Mini sewer camera MiniFlex® has a large 'viewing angle' and extremely sharp image (also in larger diameters). The MiniFlex® comes standard with a 512hz transmitter and CCTV monitor with recording possibilities for videos and photos on SD-card.



Lots of flexible quality for sewer and plumbing services:

  • Unique flexible part for right-angled bends
  • Innovative bulled-shaped camera head for optimal throughput
  • Special lens with wide viewing angle (100⁰)
  • Meter counter
  • Sophisticated lighting ring for minimal reflection and a clear image​- Text display (OSD)
  • A Li-ion battery with a working time of up to 7 hours
  • A push cable made of the material Polyamide
  • Standard push cable delivered with 15 meter incl. unique flexible part (option 20, 30 or 40m)



The MiniFlex® reel, case or cassette is, just like the sewer camera head, designed in a well-considered way together with plumbers in combination with a durable use of materials.


The MiniFlex® housing is made of high quality plastic with rubber caps, which makes this sewer inspection system robust and impact resistant. The open construction of the housing makes this mini sewer inspection camera extremely easy to clean. The dimensions and choice of materials ensure that the MiniFlex® is ergonomic and compact. Moreover, the MiniFlex® is light-weight and easy to use on the work site. In addition, this sewer camera takes up little space due to its compact design.


The clear 5.6 inch display with recording options such as video and photo on SD/USB is easy to operate. The MiniFlex® also has a video-out facility as standard, so that you can connect the MiniFlex® to another monitor, laptop or control box such as our Easybox.

High level of accessories as standard

The MiniFlex® is standard equipped with a battery that can be used directly without power supply. Our sewer camera system is equipped with a 512hz transmitter and meter counter so you are always able to locate the right spot of the camera head.

Guide 28 mm

Applicable in pipes with diameter from 40mm and up

Guide 38 mm

Applicable in pipes with diameter from 60mm and up

Power inverter (12V - 230V / 24V - 230V)

Converter from 12V to 230V or from 24V to 230V

USB video grabber

SD to USB adapter

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