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The Easysmoker® smoke generator or smoke machine is the system for detecting, smells or leaks in pipes, sewers, roofs and other channels both inside and outside.

The Easysmoker® smoke generator is for professional use. This smoke generator is used for different kinds of inspections. For instance inspection and testing of separated waste water systems (VLAIRO), such as drain pipes, sewers and air treatment ducts.

In addition to leak detection in pipes the Easysmoker® is also frequently used for roofing inspections. This works by using an extra tool. For this and other supplies, such as smoke liquid, see the accessories at the bottom of the page.


During an inspection of pipes, sewers and tubes, it can happen that leaks are difficult to trace with an inspection camera. In many cases there is a smell nuisance. The Easysmoker® smoke machine is the solution.

The Easysmoker® smoke generator is easy to use by using the buttons on the front of the system. The smoke generator works by mist inspection which makes a leakage quickly visible by the leakage of smoke. The Easysmoker® has a short warm up time so that you can quickly start your research.

When using the Easysmoker® first close all regular inputs. The smoke generator blows the smoke into the pipe system with the help of the powerful fan and smoke element via the supplied hose and connector. The smoke flow rate is adjustable. Because of the pressure that is built up, the smoke will come out through the leaks.

EASYSMOKER® quality mark

The Easysmoker® is suitable for 'standardised inspection of private water drainage' which is also referred to as 'knocking off' (the separation of clean and polluted water streams). With the Easysmoker® you can use the same working method with smoke detection to easily determine whether the connection of the water drainage is working properly. The Easysmoker® smoke generator is provided with the Belgian VLARIO quality mark. The Easysmoker® also complies with protection class IP44 and the RIONED - Netherlands Foundation guidelines.



As an extra option the Easysmoker® Easyseal is available. A flexible sealing bellows which makes working with the Easysmoker® smoke generator easier. The bellows makes a seal around the tube, even when the tube wall is uneven.

Another optional product is the Easysmoker® Easystick. In combination with the Easyseal this is a handy attachment that makes it easy to insert the hose into deep wells or high drains.

The Easysmoker® is provided with a storage tank (1.5 litres). This storage tank can easily be refilled with the special associated smoke liquid from Camtronics.

Inspector Smoke liquid

Smoke liquid for the Easysmoker® for producing smoke. This canister contains 5 litres of smoke liquid.


The Easyseal is used to clamp down the hose of the Easysmoker® and at the same time seal off the input. The valve fits onto the hose of the Easysmoker® and responds immediately to changing air pressure. Can be used in pipes between Ø70 - 250 mm.

EasyStick, Telescopic stick

Telescopic stick for use in pipes at greater depths in wells. In combination with the Easyseal the telescopic stick is a very practical aid for inspections. The Easystick is extendable in two parts, min. length 1,7 m and max. length 4 m. Weighing only 1100 gr.

Tool to check flat roof (foil)

This tool is for inspections of flat roofs with foil. In practice, a cut is made in the foil. The black disc is placed under the foil. From above, the tool is screwed onto the foil. The entire unit is lifted slightly, causing smoke to be blown under the foil.

Tool to check flat roof (bitumen)

This tool is for inspections of flat roofs with bitumen. The conical thread is screwed into the bitumen. The tool is tightened from above. The unit is lifted slightly and smoke is blown under the bitumen.

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